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Billetting, Feeding & Shelter

The Struggle For Freedom In West Waterford

24. Billetting, Feeding & Shelter
Billetting, Feeding, Shelter
Things like the billeting and feeding and sheltering of the Volunteers were of major importance, and those to whom I spoke were very emphatic that but for all the help and assistance they got from the "plain people" they would not have been able to carry on the fight.

One of the difficulties I was faced with in compiling the material for this lecture, was in getting members of the West Waterford Brigade to talk about their activities. Situated as they were at the time, it was difficult for them to keep records of any description, as they were subject to raids and searches, and as a result they did not commit much to paper. Some other areas seemed to have been fortunate in having amongst it's Volunteers personnel, someone of literary turn, who was able to write up the various things that happened and put them down on record. We were not so lucky.

Those [to] whom I have been speaking to and endeavouring [to get some information from, all feel that the task which they set out to accomplish was not finished and now we've got something short of what they wished to achieve. There is a spirit abroad today, which is not helping to realise their objective. We have local councils objecting to the putting up of road signs in Irish, we have the banning of our National Songs and Ballads, vicious attacks on our National Language, Games and culture, and the most potent means of propaganda – T.V. being used for everything anti-Irish, and against the Irish way of life.
If these represent the National feelings of the present time, it must be something like the feeling which permeated the country before the Rising, and prompts one to ask? – Will history have to repeat itself? If it does, let us hope that we will be spared the confusion of countermanding orders!!]

[Domhnall O Faolain
Dun Na Mainistreach
Aibrain 1966]

Author: Domnall O'Faoláin

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