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Cliffs And Birds Of Ardmore

Ardmore Memory and Story - The Sea

3. Cliffs And Birds Of Ardmore
Below is a list of cliff names extending from Whitingbay (Beál Abha) eastwards towards Ardmore. They were given to me some years ago by the late Larry O'Connor, who usually spent all the summer months in his bungalow above Goat Island.

Beál Abha,
Na Spicí,
Carrig a' Lady
Góilín an ghoire (lard had been washed in from a boat),
Góilín an tSagairt (a priest used bathe there),
Gaill an Eidhnéain (a derrick for taking up seaweed was near this Góilín an Eidhnéain, at the far end of the Goat Island cove),
An Chlais,
Faill an Tóirpín (sea monster i.e. unusual fish),
Carraig an tSasanaigh,
Carraig an Phortáin,
Croch an Oidhre (see account in story of Ardo House),
Faill an Phréachaín,
Faill na gCaorach,
Faill an Iarainn (steel boat wrecked),
Faill an tSasanaigh,
The Mealbhógs (promontory)
Faill na Bó,
Poll Gaoithe,
Falla Bán,
Coisceím (interesting story of Briens, but unfortunately I cannot recall it),
Faill an Mhadra,
Faill Ghlas,
Faill Fhada (down to the second Mealbhóg),
Faillín Dearg,
An Leach Reídh,
Glean Phiarais or (Fíor Uisce),
an Goilín Dearg,
Faill na gCat,
Faill na Rón,
na Gaírdíní.

Máire the Whipa used go down the Goilín Dearg to collect seaweed and bring it up on her back. There is a very narrow path, beginning at the outer or seaside of the goilín - this leads inwards for some distance before turning down towards sea level. She performed this scary chore as usual one day, went home and had a baby and came back to the Goilín Dearg again the next day. This is a perfectly true and well-known episode. She lived in a one-roomed house above Mansfields at the top of the Village Street; the house has long since ceased to exist. Máire died in the mid-twenties.

Below is a list of rocks and cliffs given by Eddy Mansfield of Ardmore, who had a long association with them, from his boyhood. The list begins at St. Declan's Stone.

Goilín na Mairt (a cleft in the rocks), north of St. Declan's Stone.
Goilín na Muca Mara (another cleft in the rocks), to the east of this.
Goilín Mór, to the left hand side of the present slip of the Boat Cove.
Goilín (pronounced guy-leen, means a small rocky inlet)
Carraig an Chabha, a rock on right-hand side of cove, blown up by the council, a few years ago.
Carraigín Áine, extending from end of the slip.
An Caladh (the pier).
The Umar, beyond the pier.
Goilín na mbioránach (spratts).
Faill na Daraí (oak).
Bun an Teampaill (below St. Declan's Well).
An Chlais,
Goilín na Rinne,
Pointe Mhaicreíl,
Poll a' Duine (Doimhne), a very deep pool at the Head.
Carraig Jim Jom (sunken rock).
Faill na Slinneacha, also called Faill na Sleannaire.
An Charraig Liath,
Poll a' Ghliogair (both near the Sampson wreck).
Teach a' Pharliment (cave).
An Lic Neáin (Lic Lónaín.
Ceann an Rámaire (Rams Head).
Jim Jom is a Chat.
An Cúlam Beag,
An Cúlam Mór (in front of the castle).
Faill na Rónta,
An Poll Buí
An Droichidín (beyond Fr. O'Donnell's Well).
Leac an Tae (Tea Flag).
Faill Atoíneacháis, at the side of the Tea Flag.
An Faiche Mór,
Faill na Bó,
Faill na gCat.

Ram Head is celebrated in the following verses:

Tá an Rámaire ag bagairt is faobhar ina ghlór
Is an Charraig Liath á fhreagairt lena bhéal ró-mhór
Ó faire fút a mháirnéalaigh I mbéal an chuain
Is bailigh leat chun calaidh isteach, is fan sa chlúid.

Ram Head is threatening with an edge on his voice.
The Carraig Liath is answering with his too big mouth.
O watch out, O sailor, at the mouth of the bay
And return to the harbour and stay in the shelter.

Birds seen around the Cliffs, from Cliff House to beyond the Tea Flag, on Sunday 3rd May 1987 on an outing with the Dungarvan Branch of Bird-Watching Society. Herring Gull, Kittiwake, Fulmar, Peregrine, Kestrel, Chough, Rook, Jackdaw, Dunnock, Meadow Pipit, Stone Chat, Cormorant, Shag, Skylark, House Martin, Swallow, Gannet, Rock Dove, Razor Bill, Sandwich Tern, Raven, Great Black-Backed Gull, Robin.

Author: Siobhan Lincoln

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