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Publication Date : 04 October 2010
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Political Activist, Author & Administrator

Nicholas Whittle contributed numerous short stories and activities to many periodicals and newspapers. He was also a successful radio play-writer. He published 'Waterford Remembers -Biographical sketches of 14 East Waterford men 1921-23', around 1947. In 1959 he published 'The Gentle County - A Saga of the Decies People'.

He took a prominent part in the War of Independence acting as Sinn Féin Director of Elections in the two Parliamentary elections in Waterford in 1918 and 1923. He was wounded three times during the Pickardstown ambush, Tramore in 1921. He was later officially declared 'dead' by the I.R.A. in order to call off a search for him by the British military. Whittle was also Chairman of the National Monuments Advisory Committee to Waterford Co. Council. In 1951 they published the Canon Power Historical Map of Co. Waterford with drawings by Frank Heylin. According to the Munster Express Online web-site, Whittle was Hon. Secretary of the National Graves Association. This Association was responsible for erecting a scroll commemorating Thomas Francis Meagher, outside his birthplace (now the Granville Hotel).

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