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Priest & Social Activist

Patrick Fogarty was born in Ballyporeen, Tipperary in 1791. His family was involved in farming. He entered St. Patrick's College, Carlow in 1816. Jeremiah Hally was also a student there at the same time. He served as curate in St. Mary's Parish, Clonmel, and St. Patrick's Parish in Waterford City. In 1825 Fr. Fogarty was curate in Dungarvan where he served until 1838. On 18 March 1838 Fogarty was appointed Parish Priest of Lismore. He spent the remainder of his life as pastor of Lismore. Fogarty reported to the Devon Committee, set up by the government in 1844, of the poverty and vulnerability of the local people. He became very involved in the politics of the county during his period as curate and Parish Priest. He also became interested in the foundation of Mount Melleray.

During the Famine, Fogarty tried to disperse the crowd that gathered in Dungarvan in September, 1846. Thousands gathered on the Quay and tried to break into the grain stores, demanding food and employment. This Food Riot was reported in the Illustrated London News. In 1864 Fogarty suffered a stroke which left him with impaired speech and failing health. He died on 29 July 1866 and was buried in the churchyard in front of the church in Lismore.

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