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Article Title : Power, William (Grattan Tyrone) (1797-1841)
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Publication Date : 04 October 2010
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Tyrone Power was born near Kilmacthomas on 2 November 1797. His father was a member of a prosperous Waterford family but he died when Tyrone was one year old. His mother then moved to Cardiff. When Power was fourteen he joined a group of travelling actors. It was some years before Power established himself as an actor. His big break came in October 1826, whilst playing at Covent Garden Theatre. After that he obtained employment at all the leading London theatres. He was securing £100 a week for his shows. Power also made annual appearances at the Theatre Royal in Dublin and was very enthusiastically received by these audiences.

Power ventured to America in 1833, 1837 and 1838 and was very successful. In 1840 he again returned to America. Power boarded the President, the largest steam ship afloat at that time, on 11 March 1841. However a gale arose on the journey and all aboard were drowned. Power died on 17 March 1841. The film actor Tyrone Power was his great-grandson.

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