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Article Title : Keily, Sergeant Jack (1857-1905)
Page Title : Biography
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Publication Date : 04 October 2010
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Jack Keily was born in Dungarvan in 1857. He joined the Royal Irish Constabulary when he was 18. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1884. He served in Nenagh, Templemore and Ballina between 1887-1897. While stationed in Nenagh he contributed over sixty poems/songs to the 'Nenagh News' and 'Guardian'. He died in Kildare on 23 December 1905. One of his popular poems was 'A Nenagh Maiden's Reflection'

Those ships in motion upon the ocean
Our boys in hundred are coaxing o'er
To foreign nations while lamentations
Of jilted maidens drown oceans roar.
And all unfeelings the Army's stealing
Of loving sweethearts a cruel share,
For war and drilling and red blood spilling,
As if we'd plenty and lots to spare.

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