Organisation : Waterford County Museum
Article Title : The Struggle For Freedom In West Waterford
Page Title : Second Attack On Ardmore
Page Number : 13
Publication Date : 11 October 2010
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Category : Irish War of Independence 1919 - 1921

Sniping attacks on Barracks, raiding parties on R.I.C. and Military continued. Another attempt was made to rush Ardmore Barracks, but some of the R.I.C. saw the Volunteers moving into position and started [the alarm]. The R.I.C opened fire, and sent up Verey lights and distress signals to call the Marines who were in a nearby station.

Reinforcements……3 lorries with 60 men also arrived from Youghal, but by then the Volunteers had made good their withdrawal from the scene. Later in the day they re-mobilised, on receiving information that further reinforcements of Black and Tans were on their way from Dungarvan to Ardmore. The Tans were attacked at Monea, and a fight lasting about half an hour took place, during which two of the enemy were wounded.

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