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Article Title : The Struggle For Freedom In West Waterford
Page Title : Rockfield, Bealica, Tramore & Kilmanahan
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Publication Date : 11 October 2010
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Category : Irish War of Independence 1919 - 1921

At Rockfield near Cappagh, 2 of the enemy were wounded when their lorry was attacked by the A.S.U. who were on manoeuvres in that area.

Also at about the same time a party of Tans and R.I.C. were ambushed on the Cappoquin/Mellery road at Bealica, while at Lisawn, near Grange, Youghal, a car carrying 3 British Officers was attacked. One of the officers was wounded, and the other two put him back into the car, and beat a hasty retreat. An attack also took place on Ballinamult Police Barracks [about this time].

Tramore (Jan. 1921)
In January 1921 the West Waterford A.S.U. took part in the Tramore Ambush. This attack was planned on the same lines as the Piltown Ambush of the previous November, but was not so successful, because some of the Volunteers opened fire too soon on the leading enemy lorry, which was only a pilot one. This served as a warning to the main body of the enemy who were in about 6 lorries, which they left, and carried out flanking movements and surrounded some of the Volunteer positions, further back the road, where exchange of fire took place in which 2 Volunteers were killed and several wounded. The main body of the enemy never got up to the barrier where the West Waterford Column was situated and they had to be satisfied by a few bursts of fire on the leading tender, the occupants of which got [out] and ran back to the main body.

Some members of the A.S.U. while they were in the Nire area and with the help of Volunteers from the local Company attacked Kilmanahan Police Barracks on the number of occasions during the months of January and February, 1921, and eventually it was evacuated. In March, the Marines were sniped at Curragh, Ardmore.

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