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Article Title : The Struggle For Freedom In West Waterford
Page Title : Aftermath Of The Burgery Ambush
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Publication Date : 11 October 2010
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Category : Irish War of Independence 1919 - 1921

Sean Fitzgerald's Funeral
The funeral of Sean Fitzgerald took place from Dungarvan to Kilrossanty, and beforehand the British issued an order that only 20 people would be allowed to follow the remains, and the military, with fixed bayonets, were there to see that the order was adhered to. The people however, defied the rule and a large number walked in the cortege as it left Dungarvan for Kilrossanty.

Grawn Ambush
Pat Keating had to be temporarily and secretly buried as the authorities were offering a large reward for his body. Later it was decided to re-intern him with his dead comrade, Sean Fitzgerald at Kilrossanty.  This had to be a secret operation, and took place to Kilrossanty on 19th May, 1921. Information was given to the British and many of the [burial party] including [some] member of Cumann na Mban were ambushed at Grawn, on their way back from Kilrossanty. The enemy party membered about 50, and the Volunteers were completely surprised and surrounded. Many of them were captured and [later] sentenced by Court Martial to long tems of imprisonment. (Grawn is a colloquial name for Garranmillon - Editor's note -).

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