Organisation : Waterford County Museum
Article Title : Memoirs Of George Lennon
Page Title : Easter 1916
Page Number : 3
Publication Date : 12 October 2010
Expiry Date : Never Expires
Category : Irish War of Independence 1919 - 1921

It was in 1922 that I drove P.C. [O'Mahony] up the Gap of Dunloe in a large Dodge touring car. Strange as it may seem, P.C. and I captured a post office on Easter Monday night in 1916. It was an easy capture. P.C. was the postal night clerk and he immediately answered my excited knock on the door. A telegraph instrument was clack-clacking and P.C. translated the messages. One telegraph message indicated that a train of munitions for the British troops was passing through our town at 2 a.m. P.C. said it should be wrecked. But how? He could not leave his post and we were the only two Volunteers in the county. He let me out the back door of the post office. Grasping my .32 revolver I rushed off into the night to seek assistance. The rain was coming down in torrents.  


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