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Article Title : The Old Dungarvan Town Hall
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Publication Date : 18 May 2013
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Mr. P. Sexton, Chairman Dungarvan U.D.C.1904
The U.D.C. (Urban District Council) ordered that the fire engine be put in storage on the ground floor of the Town Hall. The no.1 store was let to Mr. Paxman Lismore, the butter merchant who vacated it in 1913. The no.2 store was kept for harbour equipment.

Sheehan & Co. had vacated the middle portion of the Town Hall and it was then that the U.D.C. ordered that this area be kept exclusively for the fire engine.

In December 1922 a local branch of the Evicted Tenants Association was founded at a meeting in the Town Hall.

War of Independence
During the war of Independence (many buildings were damaged or destroyed in Dungarvan). The Town Hall was occupied by the British troops for two weeks. In March 1922 the U.D.C. applied for compensation for damaged done to the Town Hall during the occupation by the troops and for the damaged done durihg several raids on the buildings.

In May 1930 the U.D.C. adopted the Public Libraries Act (Ireland). The Library committee was offered the Sinn Fein room in the Town Hall at five shillings a week.

The Present Day
The U.D.C. vacated the building on 16 April 1999 and moved to the new offices in the Civic Building. The ground floor was converted and is now the home of the Waterford County Museum Society. The Museum will open in the year 2000.

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