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Publication Date : 06 November 2013
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In the early days of the century, there were two bands in the parish. One was the Fife and Drum Band. The other was a Pipers' Band in Curragh and there was intense rivalry between the two. Jimmie Rooney thinks a band-master of the British Army taught the Ardmore Band. Their band-room was in the farthest over house to the east in Chapel Row, the property of the Burkes. Nick Rooney (Jimmie's father) was in it and Jack Burke (father of John Burke, Cardiff) was the drummer. Other venues were used also.

These bands used play at Land League meetings, being brought to the venue by wagonette. When they marched in the street, evidently a popular tune was “The Peeler and the Goat”, in order to annoy the R.I.C. Ivy Lodge (on the western corner of Main Street and Coffee Lane) was originally the R.I.C.Barracks. The Barracks later moved to a site on the opposite side of the main street, next door to the present village hall.

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