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Page Title : Vincent Buckley
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Publication Date : 06 November 2013
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Vincent Buckley a most distinguished Australian poet of Irish background worked in the University of Melbourne for years. He and his wife and two girls came to Ardmore for a period of some months and the two girls attended the local school from January to March 1987. At the request of Victor Mullins principal/teacher at the school, he composed a poem about Ardmore which Victor put to music and the children often sing it. He composed another poem, Ardmore Bay. The family returned to Australia and he died in 1988. After his death a number of Irish poets, including Seamus Heaney came together in Dublin and read poems to his memory.

An article by Sean Dunne, commemorating Vincent Buckley's memory is in the Ardmore Journal 1991, as well as fuller reference to the Buckley stay in Ardmore.

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