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Tallow was renowned for its Irish dancing and ballroom dancing. The Piper Band in 1936 cornprised of :- J. Fenton, F. Prendergast, M. Davitt, Thomas Clancy, Thomas McSweeney, John Fraser, Sydney Fraser, Joe Prendergast R.I.P., Ned Condon R.I.P. and P. Keyes.

In 1931 there was a Tallow dance band consisting of Gerry Goggin, Thomas Fitzgerald and Francis Prendergast. This band played together for six years and their first venue was at Curraglass Harrier Dance at Glasshouse.

In 1937 The Brideside Serenaders came into being to give enjoyment and 'craic' to the teenagers of the time especially during war time when transport was virtually non-existant and money was scarce. Every Friday night they played at the local Regal Cinema known as the "Four-Penny Hop". It could well have been called 'The Ballroom of Romance". The founders were:- F. Prendergast, G. Goggin, Dave Doyle, V. Acres, T. Fitzgerald, J. Mellerick and M. Long.

The Bride-Side Serenaders are no more, but the memories of their music will linger on for many a long day for those who had the good fortune to have danced to it and indeed, for those who sat back and enjoyed it.

Local Ballads

The Glancing Bride

The Bride side, the Bride side
The Coleen and glancing Bride side
How soft the breeze
Crushed through the trees
Around the dancing Bride side.
To watch the bright
Long streams of light
That shimmed on the tide side
Was left to me.
when close to thee
I wandered by the Bride side
The Bride Side, The Bride side
Twas bliss to be
Asthore Machree
Beside you near the Bride Side.

The Hurlers

One Sunday to Dungarvan town,
Our noble hurlers travelled down,
The sun blazed forth upon the scene,
As Tallow "Blues" faced Dungarvan "Greens".
Along the sideline bold and clear,
Dungarvan backers loudly cheer.
While others mingled with the crowd,
Of the Tallow Boys sure they proud.

For the first five minutes of the play
The teams from goal to goal they did sway.
And since the bail was thrown to ground,
No forward there his target found.
Till Deane pucked out to centre field,
O'Brien then with his stick did wield,
And drove the sliothar with a swing
Way out to Condon on the wing.

And quick to Curley he did pass
Poor "Bill" was lying on the grass,
And though he was down and feeling sore,
He made a brave attempt to score,
Like slight of hand he forced a shot,
The ball into the net was got,
A thundering cheer now rent the sky,
The umpires green flag waved on high.

And soon again another goal,
Like a bullet flew twixt pole and pole,
Dungarvan rallied with all its might,
And the goal they got put their hopes on high,
And played as if they were inspired.
By the Borough supporters they were admired
At halftime Tallow faced the sun
Leading the way by two to one.

So here's to Tallow's brave fifteen
Who fought so hard and played so keen,
The Dungarvan boys we don't run down,
They did their best to win the Crown
And when the Tallow team the final play
We hope to see them win the day,
And from East Waterford they will bring up,
The County Senior Hurling Cup.

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