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Article Title : Tallow : An Outline History
Page Title : Crafts And Trades
Page Number : 13
Publication Date : 09 November 2013
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Category : Tallow

Candle Making
Candle Making was another industry practised in a few places in Tallow. Lard was put into big pots to boil and when it boiled it was turned into grease, allowed to cool, and then re-dipped several times until the candle was of the required thickness.

Looms were worked in Mr. Hancock's shop in Chapel Street. The cloth was sold to the local people. Mr. Patrick Neville was the weavers name -the shop is still there today as a Drapery Shop.

Basket Making
Basket-Making All kinds of baskets were made: in Tallow by the Mangan and Quinlan families. Some baskets are still produced in Tallow.

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