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Article Title : Tallow : An Outline History
Page Title : Townlands of Tallow
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Publication Date : 09 November 2013
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Category : Tallow

Ballyhander: "Irish - Brid Sandaur" - "English - Sanders Homestead"

Bailnaha: "Irish - Beal an Atha" - "English - Ford Mouth"

Carrigroe: "Irish - Carraig Rua" - "English - Red Stone or Rock"

Glenaboy: "Irish - Gleann Abha Buide" - " English - Glen of the yellow river"

Gleannaglough: "Irish - Gleann na gCloc" - "English - Glen of the stones"

Hunt Hill: "Irish - Cnocan an Faidhaig" - "English - Hill of the Hunting"

Kilbeg: "Irish - Coill Beag" - "English - Little wood"

Kilcalf: "Irish - Cill Chata" - "English - Cahas Church" The site of the early church is well defined by the roadside, on the small townland of Loughnatouse.

Loca Liatha: "English - Grey Pond"

Kilmore: "Irish - Cill More" - "English - Great Church" The church site is near the centre of a large field to the north of Tallow - Youghal road. A few large trees near the spot indicate the site.

Bothar Bui: "English - Yellow Road" Old Road, Youghal direction.

Baile Hulk: A well known locality abutting the western road. Meaning unknown.

Forge Lane: Old road leading to site of smelting. Slag, clinkers etc. are in abundance there.

Kilwinney: "Irish - Cill mo Finghin" - "English - My Finghin's Church" The ancient church site is close to a farmhouse near the eastern boundary of the townland.

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