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Archbishop Tobias Kirby
The late archbishop of Ephesus, Tobias Kirby, was a native of Tallow, Co. Waterford. He was born. On January the 1st. 1804 and baptised on the 6th January, 1804.

During his life he wrote an important thesis on Papal Infallibility. He was ordained in 1833 and was appointed Vice Rector of the Irish College in Rome In 1837 and was Monsignor in 1860. He succeeded Cardinal Cullen .as Rector in 1870. He was appointed Titular Bishop of Lita in 1882 and Arch-bishop of Ephesus in 1885. Old age obliged him to retire in 1891 and his death occurred on January 20th, 1895 and he was laid to rest in Rome.

Right Rev. Monsignor Michael J. White
Michael J. White, Pastor of St. Colombus Newark, New Jersey was a native of Tallow. He was educated in Mount Melleray and aynooth where he was ordained by Cardinal McCabe. In 1887 he established the new parish of St. Brigid's, Newark, clearing the debt in nine years. He was elevated by Pope Pius XI to the title of Right Reverend in 1928. He visited Tallow frequently in his younger days. He died on 24th May, 1940 aged 85 years.

Verv Rev. Dr. P. Beecher D.D.
A native of Tallow, Co. Waterford, he was educated at Mount Melleray and at St. John's College in Waterford and afterwards ent to Maynooth where he was ordained in 1896.

After his ordination, he went to Canada, where he was appointed a Professor and Prefect of studies at Regiopolus College, ingston. He returned to Ireland in 1904 and was appointed to the chair of Pastoral Theology and Sacred Eloquence at Maynooth. He was appointed General Secretary for Ireland of the Caltus of the Holy Shroud of Turin about which he had written a widely read book. He was the author of "Hints on Reading and Public Speaking". His death occurred in June 1940 and he was laid to rest in his native Tallow.

Frank Ryan
Frank Ryan was born in 1900 in Fermoy and came to Tallow in 1906. From early life he showed great promise as a singer and in he early thirties he won the Feis Maitiu in Cork. In 1935 he became a member of the Fermoy Choral Society in which he made his debut in the "Mikado". He won the Feis Ceol in 1938 and appeared on the radio programme "In Town Tonight" (Radio Eireann) and was hailed as the new McCormack.

From March 17th, 1946 he appeared annually at the Royal Albert Hall in London and in other Irish Halls throughout Scotland and England. One of his big moments was when he sang to a capacity crowd at Carnegie Hall in New York and other halls in Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia and in many other major cities in the U.S.

During the 1940's he was a member of the Dublin Grand Operatic Society and took the leading part with many world-renowned singers.

His farewell concert was given in his birthplace, Fermoy, in June 1965, and he died peacefully on 16th July, 1965.

John Hogan
According to John Turpin in his book on John Hogan (published by "Irish Academic Press") - John Hogan was born in Coolishael, Tallow on the 14th October 1800. He was the third child of John and Frances Hogan. In 1801, Hogan's parents moved to Cove Street, Cork, and in 1808/08 he returned to Tallow to a school run by his father's friend Cangley, where he remained for five academic years. Primary education was the only education he received.

In 1815 it is not known what he did but it is most probable that he draughted plans and helped his father in connection with his work. At the age of fourteen he was placed in the office of Michael Foote an Attorney in Patrick Street, but he had an immense dislike for this type of work.

Two years later he was apprenticed to Thomas Deane, a builder and architect, here he first worked as a Carpenter. In 1819 he carved a full size skeleton in pinewood and in 1820 his apprenticeship expired in March and then encouraged by Deane, he applied himself to sculpture with a view to making a profession.

In the course of three years he had acquired a thorough knowledge of the structure of the human form. 'Hogan's first work was to attract with a life-size figure of "Minerva" for an insurance office in the South Mall in Cork which was built by Deane.

He went to Rome in 1825 and returned in 1848. His chief works were "The Dead Christ" and "Hibernia".

He died in his house in Wenthworth Place on 27th March, 1858 and was buried at Glasnevin Cemetery where his grave is marked with a plain slab, on which the single word HOGAN Is inscribed.

Tallow Church Gates Created By John HaydenJohn Hayden
No history of Tallow would be complete without a mention of John Hayden who had a forge and was one of the greatest blacksmiths of all times. His gates were well known and appreciated by all, especially the gates at the Church in Tallow and Headborough.

Edmond O'Brien
Hollywood Star, Mr Edmond O'Brien is one of the seven sons of James and Agnes O'Brien who emigrated from Tallow almost seventy years ago. All of them have been successful in the theatre and on the screen. Born in the Bronx, New York, he married Olga San Juan actress, singer and dancer.
John Cox
John Cox died on the 24th October 1973. His final illness was a brief one. One comment was said to have been heard when John died that part of Tallow had died when John passed away. As sacristan in the Church of the Immaculate Conception for 38 years, John had witnessed the joys and sorrows of every family in the parish. He was there for baptisms, helping the mother to calm the storm created by the reluctant neophytes. He was there for the marriages seeing that the nuptials ran smoothly.

He was there to toll the bells when death brought sorrow to the homes of the parish. He was there every morning to prepare the altar and serve the Masses of the many priests who passed through Tallow in his time.

As a young man John was interned in Spike Island during the troubles. After a brief time in the National Army he carried on business as a tailor. His home was always the focal point for anyone with a "yarn" to tell or who had time to listen to one.

Whether it was at Aherne's window or in one of the local hostelries, he was always good company and a fine conversationalist.

Garrett Collins
Born in Chapel Street, Tallow, Co. Waterford. He emigrated to the U.S. in the late 1800's where he met and married an American lady. Together they amassed a great fortune, which he left to his wife for her lifetime and then to the poor of Tallow.

Mick McCarthy
Born in England, son of Charlie McCarthy and grandson of Daniel of Chapel Street. Mick McCarthy captained the Irish soccer team at the World Cup in Italy in 1990. He later went on to become the manager of the Irish soccer team.

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