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Our "Dungarvan Town Trail" is available as a phone app for both Android (Free) and iPhone (€ 0.79) users. An audio tour of Dungarvan's historical sites, it also includes lots of old photos. The map and your GPS will ensure you won't get lost along the way.

The tour also functions as an audio introduction to Dungarvan history for those who cannot visit the town. On both platforms it is best if the tour is downloaded over Wifi as the audio tracks are too substantial to download it over 3G. Thanks to all of the people who gave their time free of charge to make both versions of this heritage tour happen.
What Does Dungarvan Heritage Trail App Do?
Discover the history of Dungarvan, Co. Waterford, Ireland and explore some of the historic landmarks. This easy to use audio tour features contemporary accounts from soldiers, travellers and writers from times past. Travel back in time and see the town as our ancestors saw it. The app contains an interactive map with GPS system, photos (most over 100 years old), a cast of 9 actors, sound effects and a script created by historians from Waterford County Museum. Once the tour has been downloaded it works offline, which means that you can enjoy the tour without needing to connect to the internet.
This audio trail has been produced by Waterford County Museum in co-operation with (a Dungarvan company that specialises in producing DVD slide shows for special occasions and recording oral histories) and local volunteers and actors who gave their time freely so that you can enjoy our town's history. The iPhone version of the Dungarvan Heritage Audio Tour costs 79 cent, it is available now via the App Store. The Android version of the app was coded by Martin Whelan of Deise Design.

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