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Nano Power

Waterford's Revolutionary Women 1916-1922

13. Nano Power
Callaghane, Dunmore Road, Waterford

Mrs Nano Power of Callaghane was a widow living about two miles east of Waterford city on the road to Dunmore East.  Mrs Power's house was a meeting place and safe house for many volunteers on the run or wounded during the War of Independence.

The following are extract from the Military Archives, witness statements.

"On arriving at Mrs Power's house, we were warmly received. She was a fine, noble type of Irish country woman, and we were particularly blessed in the fact that her man-servant (she was a widow) was Paddy Kennedy."
 Witness statement: Nicholas Whittle, Director of Elections, Sinn Fein, East Waterford, 1918; Member, IV & IRA

"Whilst there I slept in a small room specially built to hide I.R.A. men, it had a secret door covered on the outside with wallpaper to coincide with the paper on the room, through which entrance to the small secret room was made. Although the house was raided many times the secret room was never discovered."
Witness statement: Jeremiah Cronin, Commandant IRA and Flying Column Waterford, 1921 -

"The house of Mrs. Power in Callaghane was well-known to all I.R.A. men. She was a widow and a very good supporter of ours. Her home was always available for any I.R.A. men on the run. She had a workman named Paddy Kennedy. Paddy was intelligence officer for the district and an excellent man at his job. Suffering from a physical disability, this allowed him to go places which would have aroused suspicion otherwise. Some word of military activity in the neighbourhood came to Mrs. Power and she suggested that Wyley and Whittle be moved for safety elsewhere."
Thomas Brennan, Main Street, Tramore, Co. Waterford, Lieutenant 'D' Company, 4th Battalion, East Waterford Brigade; 'D' Company 4th Battalion East Waterford Brigade, 1918-1921.

Author: Chrissy O'Connor Knight & Eddie Cantwell

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