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John Hathway

The Civil War (1641-1653), Contemporary Accounts

5. John Hathway
John Hathway, late of Beally, in the barony of Decies, yeoman, deposeth and saith:

That on or about Christmas last this deponent and divers English protestants, to the number of thirty persons betook themselves for their safeguard to Dromany Castle in the sd County, At which time this deponent observed that Edward Butler of Clare in the County of Tipperay, gent, accompanied with nyne other gentlemen whose names he knoweth not [came to Dromany], & at night after supper there past a certaine communication between the sd parties and Gerald fitz Gearld of Dromany, Esqre, to this effect: The sd Gerrald demanding them a question, being all papists, Whether they could say the ten commandments; they answered, Yea: How then comes it to passe [quoth he] that you worshipp graven Images.  They answered that that commadment was none of the Ten, but added by protestant ministers.  They further urged the sd fitz Gerrald to turne to masse, & then he answered, he would never doe so while he had life to breathe. This deponent heard them tell the sd fitz Gearld in plaine terms, that what the Irish army did in banishing and stripping  the English was by virtue of his Maties Commission.
Jo. Hathway
Jurat &c 9 Dec 1642
Phil Bisse
Ric Willliamson

Author: Catherine and Liam Nugent

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